Dr Babashaeb Ambedkar Health Association


This Organization is formed by Medical Personal Doctor’s various fields and Private Practioners in Maharashtra .
Who beleive and Practice the thoughts and Philosophy Of Dr Babashaeb Ambedkar .
The Organisation will work for downtrodden and needy People 

Association Members. 
Founder President:-Dr.Sanjiv Chanhande 
Secretary :-Dr.Shankar khobragade 
Treasurer :-Dr N.D.Patil 

Present Body Members:
President :- Dr.Shankar Khobragade 
Secretary :- Sanjay Ramtcke 
Treasurer:-Dr Nitin Shende 
Aims of the Organization 
Health Related 
1. To organize Diagnostic Health Camps
Vaccination Programes 
2. Free Ambulance Service within city Limits 
3. Health Education and awareness programes iir rural and Urban 
4. Provide health services in the Natural calamities Like flood, Earthquakes, and Emergency Conditions Like War. 
5. Medical and Paramedical Institutes. 
6. Village Adoption Programme 
7. Research in’ field General Social health and Medical Education. 
8. Construct hospitals for Poors 
Social :-
1. Library Reading Room, Auditorium Construction. 
2. Women empowerment cells
Association Members Contacts